For the record, homeopathy is indeed not an antipyretic (fever reducer), antiemetic (reduces vomiting), anti-viral, anti-bacterial, carminative (relieves intestinal gas pain) or anything else for that matter.  It doesn't need to be.  Homeopathy is in a league of it...

October 16, 2019

Empower is a great word, for me it means to take back your power!  It was my mantra for all of 2017.  My job as a natural health practitioner is to educate and empower you to be able to help your family with simple acute situations

When you think of the term prophylactic, what comes to mind?  Depending on your age, that may mean a condom.  To others that may mean a vaccine, yet to a wide population that is something which is meant to prevent disease.

Palliative is basically the concept of using a particular medicine or product and while you are using the item, you are reducing the symptoms or issues as long as you keep taking the item.  When you stop, the symptoms or issues come back.  Period.

My homeopathic education has rocked my world.  Seriously.  Everything I have been taught and believed thus far in my life is almost a contradiction to what I have learned so far in homeopathy school.  I totally see things in a different way now.

Summer is an amazing time of year, however there can be a lot of accidents and injuries.  Let's talk about some remedies that I recommend you keep around the house or bring on trips, just in case.

If you have been paying attention at all to the media for the past few months, you know that measles, and now mumps outbreaks are a hot topic.  The problem with all the media coverage is, they aren't being exactly truthful.  No surprise there.

Being that I am a student homeopath, I get a lot of people telling me about this new Human Growth Hormone (HGH) homeopathic gel.  It's all the rage right now!!!!  One of the biggest red flags for me is the fact that it comes from an MLM (multi-level marketing) comp...

Homeopathy is an excellent natural health modality that can benefit any living being.  People, animals, plants, basically anything and anyone.  I wanted to give a brief history of homeopathy and explain why I love it, especially for kids.