When you think of the term prophylactic, what comes to mind?  Depending on your age, that may mean a condom.  To others that may mean a vaccine, yet to a wide population that is something which is meant to prevent disease.

Another question, does edamame give you estrogen?  Does any kind of soy?  I needed to dig and see what all the fuss was about.

GMO stands for 'genetically modified organism'.  According to wikipedia, "Genetically modified crops (GM crops or biotech crops) are plants used in agriculture, the DNA of which has been modified using genetic engineering methods. In most cases, the aim is...

When my first child started school in 1996, I don't remember any children having a peanut allergy in school.  Now that our younger kids are in school, there are multiple kids in each of their classes with either a peanut allergy or gluten intolerance.

If you are like me and millions of American's, you NEED something to sweeten your coffee.  I know I do.  I don't particularly love the taste of coffee, but I like the "dessert coffee" taste.  I used to love all the coffee mate creamers that tasted lik...

Did you know you could have wonderful healing substances in your garden and not even know it?  Let's look at some that are fun and easy to grow.

The immune system normally responds to a pathogen like a cold virus, attacks it and removes it from the body.  Once removed, the immune system can revert to it's normal state and all is well.

Turmeric (Curcuma longa), also known as Indian Saffron. It is an excellent culinary herb that has so many benefits.  It is very popular in India and Asia and has been around since 2,000 BC.

If you have your own garden or access to a farmers market, chances are you may have a lot of these lovely peppers.  Jalapenos are low in fat, and contain no saturated fat or cholesterol.

This recipe was VERY good.  My husband loves "watery" salsa, while I like chunky, more like pico de gallo.  This satisfied both of us and was super easy to make.

This recipe is made with Cilantro (Coriandrum sativum) - is a common herb that you will also find in ma...