Sugilite is a lovely purple stone that comes in varying degrees of the color. With the way the energy has been in the universe lately, it is a great stone to have around for protection.

Rose Absolute (Rosa x damascena) is a flower oil, the is solvent extracted, with a middle-base note.  Rose has a lovely rich, sweet, honey-type rose scent.  Since the petals of the rose are so delicate it is harder to extract the oils.

THINGS TO CONSIDER WHEN BUYING: *Reputable supplier that will provide education *CO2 extracted *Mg strength - how much per drop or ml *Whole plant extraction - not parts

What does the term ORGANIC mean to you?  To me, it means a product that doesn't have pesticides, additional hormones or anything added to it.  It means that I am getting a product that is as nature intended it, pure and free from man's manipulation.

Just because you are able do something, doesn't mean you should. With that said, I want to caution you regarding essential oil recipes you find online.

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