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The CBD we sell is made from Industrial Hemp (Cannabis sativa).  It is indeed a whole plant extract, and contains 0.3% THC - the federal limit (since what we sell is 25mg, there is less than .0075mg of  THC), which is non-psychotropic. It is a minute amount but it needs to be mentioned. 


The peppermint/vanilla has more cannabinoids than just CBD in it as well.  For those who cannot have ANY trace amounts of THC due to job requirements, we offer the Freedom oils - only CBD in them, absolutely NO THC.  Depending on your needs and requirements, please choose the peppermint/vanilla, lemonade or freedom below. 


Each drop is approximately 1.25mg of CBD.  To find the dosage based on weight and severity of symptoms, see below.  To avoid an unpleasant healing reaction when you first start using CBD, it may be best to start low and slow.  When I started using CBD I found my weight and symptom severity, then went to the column to the left of that and started there.  It seemed to be very effective and I did not suffer any ill effects.


Dispensing drops under tongue and waiting for 30 seconds before swallowed seems to work the best.  My clients and I have found it works best when the drops are placed under the tongue and allowed to remain there for at least 15-30 seconds before swallowing.

Like essential oils, CBD batches can vary from one to the next.  If you ordered from us in the past and your new bottle looks different, rest assured it is still the same quality you have come to expect.  Growing conditions, plants and so much more affect the appearance of the CBD.  Please know the quality is still the same.  The THC will still have 0.3% and no-THC will have none.

Want more information?  Visit our blogs about CBD.

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