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- Homeoprophylaxis (HP) FAQ -

How was Homeoprophylaxis (HP) discovered & first used?

In 1798, the founder of homeopathy, Dr. Samuel Hahnemann discovered the power of homeopathy to prevent and treat infectious diseases.  Interestingly enough, Dr. Hahnemann was treating a small child or an affliction of the finger joints using Belladonna (using the law of similars - like treats like), he wasn't treating her for scarlet fever.  The other 3 children in the family became ill with scarlet fever but the little girl who was taking belladonna never contracted the disease.  He concluded that she was protected from the infection due to the belladonna use.

Soon after, he learned 3 of 8 children in a family were already infected with scarlet fever.  This time, Dr. Hahnemann tested the healing powers of belladonna.  As he suspected, none of the 5 other children contracted the disease.  He shared his knowledge with other doctors in the community who ultimately had the same successful experiences.


What exactly is Homeoprophylaxis?

Homeopathy is defined by as "A system for treating disease based on the administration of minute doses of a drug that in massive amounts produces symptoms in healthy individuals similar to those of the disease itself."  In Homeoprophylaxis the use of single potentized (series of dilutions and agitations) homeopathic remedies in a systematic manner to prevent the development of the characteristic symptoms of disease. HP may include the use of homeopathic nosodes (a preparation of substances secreted in the course of a disease), or homeopathic remedies made from mineral, vegetable or animal substances.

Homeopathy is made of dilutions and succussions to develop potencies.  Homeopathic pharmacies take 1 drop of organism (disease) and add to 99 drops of alcohol/water and succuss (hard shaking).  Then do it again.  Take 1 drop of that and add to 99 more drops of water/alcohol.  By the 12th time (12th potency) Avogadro’s number has been reached.  In physics that means there are no molecules of the original substance left.  The minimum potency is 200 in the program.  No diseased molecules left.  They are not toxic.  We are left with energetic signature of the disease, not the actual disease itself.  The remedies are made under strict Homeopathic Pharmacopeia guidelines.  The HPUS is overseen by the FDA in the United States.  Once the remedy is tinctured and potenized, only the frequency of that substance is left.  Small droplets of a tincture are dropped onto small sugar pellets which will then become a nosode or homeopathic remedy.  Only one disease at a time will be given.  HP does not contain adjuvents, preservatives, antibiotics, GMOs or other unwanted ingredients.

The ultimate goal of HP is to stimulate the immune system, instilling natural immunity to the energetic component of the given diseases.  It is a natural and safe option for the body.  Normally, the body will initiate an immune response by possibly producing a fever, disrupting the process and helping to develop immunity to a specific virus. HP may produce a similar response yet in a much milder way.  Such as a runny nose, irritability or maybe a longer nap.

Based on the teachings of Dr. Hahnemann,  Dr. Issac Golden (who I learned HP from) has been clinically studying HP for over 30 years.  It is a safe and effective option to vaccinations to help protect from infectious and contagious diseases in animals and people.  It has over a 90% success rate.  

In addition to this information, I highly encourage everyone to do their own research.  Vaccination or homeopathic immunization is a personal choice and should be made based on education, family history, and any religious convictions. 

YouTube Video - An Introduction to Homeoprophylaxis with Dr. Golden

Isaac Golden, an Australian doctor is one of the highest regarded experts in the field of homeoprophylaxis. In the following video Dr. Golden gives you a great introduction to homeoprophylaxis. He also discusses HP with a Dr. Gustavo Bracho from the Finley Institute in Cuba. The Finley Institute is a W.H.O accredited vaccine manufacturer.  They have run the worlds largest long-term homeoprophylasis interventions including the treatment of 2.3 million people to prevent leptospirosis in 2007.  You can read about the results here.   

Studies Conducted on Homeopropylaxis

To view more about each study, click on the name.


  • 2006 - Kerala, India


  • 1831 Samuel Hahnemann, 

  • 1849 European epidemic 

  • 1841-1854: no further cases were reported

Dengue Fever 

  • 1996 Delhi area

  • 2001 São Paulo, Brazil

  • 2006 Cuba

  • 2007 Between April and September in São Paulo, Brazil

  • 2008  Macaé, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

  • 2008 – 2010 Macaé, Rio de Janeiro

  • 2010: The Colombo Municipal Council (CMC)

  • 2012  Tirumangalam, India

  • 2012 Chittorr, India

  • 2012  Pune, India

  • 2012 Tirumangalam, India

  • 2013 Guwahati state, India

  • 2014 The Sing Buri province of Thailand

  • 1932 Lab tests negative (indicating the presence of antibodies to diphtheria) after being treated with homeoprophylactically

  • 1941 The test was repeated 23 out of 33 children test negative after being given the prophylactic. 

  • 1947 Dr Roux repeated the test and produced a similar result

Epidemic Fever 

  • 2007 Kerala, India


  • 1991 Brazil

Influenza and Respiratory Tract Infections 

  • 1968 Between 1968-70, a survey conducted in Indian factories and offices compared the results of allopathic (conventional) treatment and homeopathic treatment of influenza

  • 2007 Human herpesvirus 1, human adenovirus C serotype 5, influenza A virus, human respiratory syncytial virus, human parainfluenza virus 3, human rhinovirus B serotype 14, and human coxsackievirus serotype A9 

  • 2010 Human rhinovirus B serotype 14, influenza A virus , H1N1 virus, herpes simplex virus 1, vesicular stomatitis virus, respiratory syncytial virus, parainfluenza type 3

  • 2011 Brazil


Japanese Encephalitis 

  • 1999 - 2003 state of Andhra Pradesh 

  • 2010 Kolkata


  • 2007-8 Cuba

  • 2014 2007-8 Cuban leptospirosis intervention was published


  • 2003 trial conducted in Kenya between 2003-2005 

  • 2008 Kendu Bay, Kenya

  • 2011-2013 Chhattisgarh, India

  • 2013: Researchers evaluated the efficacy 

Meningococcal Disease 

  • 1974 Brazil

  • 1998: The results of the first study (above) led to a larger government-funded study, 24 years later in Blumenau, Brazil


  • See ‘Whooping Cough’


  • 1800s Chicago

  • 1850 Johannesburg, South Africa 

  • 1956 - 1956-58, over 6,000 children with given a homeoprophylactic. No cases of polio were reported in the group with no observed side effects 

  • 1957 Buenos Aires

  • 1975 Buenos Aires

Scarlet Fever 

  • 1799 Germany

  • 1799 Germany - Following Hahnemann’s example (above), another eleven medical doctors prescribed that remedy during the same epidemic

  • 1838 Prussia


  • 1800s

  • 1902 Iowa

Viral Diseases 

  • 2007: Human herpesvirus 1, human adenovirus C serotype 5, influenza A virus

  • 2010: Human rhinovirus B serotype 14, influenza A virus , H1N1 virus, herpes simplex virus 1, vesicular stomatitis virus, respiratory syncytial virus, parainfluenza type 3

When Should you Consider Using HP?

HP can effective in many areas of life such as:

  • Overseas Travel

  • Childhood Illnesses

  • Epidemics - short term (influenza)

  • Endemics (diseases regularly found in a certain area - malaria)

  • Those who cannot receive vaccines due to health reasons or religious beliefs

How is HP given?

When you work with me, you will be given a homeopathic immunization kit along with instructions on how to use the kit.  Remedies are safe enough to use on newborn babies and elderly individuals.  You will have your kit for use in epidemic situations as well.  There will be follow-ups and access to have questions answered along the way.

If you are traveling to a foreign country or countries, HP is an excellent alternative to tropical disease vaccinations. Beware that some clinics will claim you need to receive vaccines to travel.  To date, according to the CDC, the only vaccine required to re-enter the US is yellow fever if you were in a country where it's endemic. HP can provide protection for hepatitis, dengue fever, typhoid, malaria, Japanese Encephalitis, tuberculosis, yellow fever and zika.

Is HP a Legal Exemption?

Homeopropylaxis does not qualify for legal exemption.  A medical, philosophical or religious vaccine exemption where allowed will still need to be obtained for students where required.  A list of states that provide vaccine exceptions can be found below.

You can order the current flu nosode here.

Email to learn more.

Vaccine Exemptions Website

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