Flower Essence Follow-up with a custom refill.

Flower Essence Follow-up w/Refill



    Please read until the end so you know how to book your actual session. Flower Essence consultations are conducted via telephone, FB messenger, email, skype or in-person appointments. Should you need something different, please send an email to melissa@sweetwillowspirit.com and we will be more than happy to work with you.


    What You Can Expect During Your Follow-Up

    We will discuss how you are doing and adjust your refill remedy if necessary.  A custom, 1 ounce flower essence blend will be made specifically for you and sent to the address you provide.


    This session can be provided if you live anywhere in the United States.  If you live in our area, a place and time will be discussed to meet in person.


    Scheduling Your Session

    I hold sessions in my office all week long, during the day and only after receiving payment in full.   After check-out, please click on the link below in "Book Your Session" to schedule your actual session.


    An intention will be set for the session.  It is possible for me to use crystals and Reiki energy to infuse into your blend, it is all based on your needs.  Should you not want that, just let me know and I won't add that energy.