Homeopathic immunization flu protocol and remedy.

Homeopeophylaxis - Homeopathic Immunization Flu Program

  • When you order, the 2020-2021 remedy will drop ship directly from the pharmacy and the protocol will come via email within 24 hours.

    If for some reason the pharmacy sells out of this years remedy, your money will be refunded immediatly.  Please allow 24 business hours for return of payment confirmation.

    The pharmacy said they should have enough stock to last through the middle of November.  After that, your order may not be fulfilled.


    This fee includes the Flu homeoprophylaxis (HP) written dosing instructions provided by email and ONE VIAL of Influenzinum for the 2020-2021 season for 4 people.


    No consultation is needed/included. 


    You will receive an email stating your order has shipped.  If you receive the shipping confirmation but no protocol, please check your Junk, Clutter or Spam folders to make sure it's not there.  If not, please email mel_clymer@yahoo.com or melissa@sweetwillowspirit.com.