Distance reiki session - short version and follow-up.

Distance Reiki Session - Short

  • Please read all the way to the end to book your session.   Distance Reiki follow-up conducted via telephone, FB messenger, email, or skype. Should you need something different, please send an email to melissa@sweetwillowspirit.com and we will be more than happy to work with you.


    Short Distance Reiki Session

    How can energy be sent over space and time? Quantum Physics, that’s how!


    What You Can Expect During Your Session

    I will connect with your energy, pulling old energy away while fresh Reiki energy will be sent as needed. You may experience tingling, vibration, heat, or coolness in different areas of your body. All totally natural and a sign your energy body is healing itself. You also may experience emotional release, let the emotions go especially if they are not for your highest good and no longer serving you.  Some experience a peaceful calm and deeper sense of relaxation. Others experience nothing, that does not mean the session was a failure.  It just means you may not be as sensitive to the energies as some. Whatever happens during your session, know that it is exactly what should be occurring for you in that moment. 


    Scheduling Your Session

    I hold distance sessions in my office all week long, during the day and only after receiving payment in full.  After check-out, please click on the "Book Your Sessoin" link below to schedule your actual session.  


    During your session, you do not need to prepare for anything.  Some clients prefer to go about their day as usual while others lay down or meditate, that’s the beauty of distance healing.   I will treat you as if you were on the table in my office.


    Your 25-minute session will consist of 20 minutes of Reiki being sent, and a follow up.  I will let you know at that time what I felt and things I took note of. 


    Please list any areas you would like addressed in your session in order or importance.  Depending on what is needed most, those will be the areas of the body I will focus on. 


    An intention will be set for the session. It is possible for me to use essential oils, and crystals based on your specific needs.


    Have more questions regarding Reiki?  Please click the "Reiki FAQ's" below.