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January 8, 2019

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Essential Oils and Children


I love essential oils and I love children, we have 5 boys.  I wish I knew about essential oils when my oldest 2 were growing up, life could have been so much easier.  Oils may be used from bug bites and bee stings, to allergies and growing pains.


I use essential oils on my boys all the time, they know the healing power and now will ask for them.  Kids are little sponges and soak up information.  They also "soak up" essential oils differently than an adult would so care must be used when applying any sort of essential oil to them.  I get a lot of questions about children and essential oils, here are a few that I have been asked time and time again.


1)  At what age can you use essential oils on children?

There are differing opinions on when you are able to safely use oils on children.  I personally do not feel there is a need to use an essential oil of any kind on a child under 1 years old.  Their skin is extremely sensitive and their bodies metabolize oils differently than older children or adults do.  I will err on the side of caution and say not to use oils on a child under 1 and sparingly on children between 1 and 2.  Again, using oils on a child this young are not generally needed.  I would stick to a gentle oil like lavender for a bug bite or a scratch.  Now, there will be exceptions to the rule.  Each individual person is different and it will be your best judgement.


2)  Must I dilute essential oils to use on my kids?

YES!  YES!  YES!  I cannot stress this enough.  Using a neat oil on anyone, even yourself is not a good idea.  It can cause a burn on your skin, lead to sensitization or allergies to the oil and cause more stress on your organs.


3)  What dilution ratio is safe for children?

  • 0.5% (1/2 percent) - 1 years old to 3 years old 

  • 1% - 3 years old to 10 years old

  • 2% - 10 years to adult