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January 8, 2019

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Are Essential Oils Always the Answer?


I don't believe that any healing modality is able to fix all ailments.  Not even essential oils, although they are pretty awesome!.  There is a time and place for alternative modalities and medications.


A few days ago, while visiting my dad and step-mom, my dad said to me, “you know, you should stop posting on FB when your family gets sick.  People are going to think your essential oils don’t work.”  My reaction was, “there is no possible way to keep from getting sick…  ever.  We all get sick at some point.”  It got me thinking.  Do people think that essential oils don’t work because someone like me, a trained aromatherapist, has a family that gets sick from time to time?  That lead to me to do some research.  I love research, especially when it comes to oils.



What I found from my research is this…..  there is no one on the planet that will be healthy 100% of the time.  Granted, there are people who are healthier than others, but everyone gets sick at one time or another.  A lot of that is based on how your immune system is functioning.  I live in a house with my husband, a high schooler, 2 grade schoolers and a pre-schooler.  It is almost impossible to keep everyone here healthy all the time.  However, when we do get something, it is usually gone in a day or 2 because of the oils.  Since my 2 youngest never went to daycare, their immun