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Proper Product Labeling is Imperative

This past weekend I was at yet another vendor event. At this event, there was a sales person from a big named essential oil company selling essential oils as well as blends SHE put together. The only labeling was a fun name on the bottle. Another company at this event was selling products they made containing essential oils in their lotions, soaps, and other items. They had only listed “essential oils” on the labels. Neither company had proper labels on their products.


It is imperative that products contain a label with EVERYTHING in that product, as well as directions for use, and any cautions you need to take into consideration. No label, or a label stating “essential oils” are in the product, simply is not enough to be safe. As a consumer, you need to know exactly what is in the product you are buying and using. Are you on medications that will interact with anything in that product, are you allergic to anything in the product, is it safe for your children? Without proper labeling, how could you ever know?

If you are on an anti-depressant, you should stay away from anything containing German Chamomile (Matricaria chamomilla), but Roman Chamomile (Anthemis nobilis) is fine. You have a child that is 3 years old, your blend contains eucalyptus. Does it contain Eucalyptus radiata, Eucalyptus globlus or Eucalyptus citriodora? Radiata and globlus aren’t safe for children that young, while citriodora is, but it is a totally different oil. Which one do you have in your blend if the label doesn’t clearly state it?!


According to the FDA, to be complaint a products must contain:

  • a list of ingredients

  • company name

  • location of company

  • directions for use

  • any cautions you as the consumer need to be aware of

  • net quantity of all the ingredients in the product

To learn more about labeling requirements, visit Adding a label stating it’s called Dreamtime to an essential oil blend isn’t compliant. Proper labeling protects you as a consumer.


When a company puts together products with improper labeling, they are showing you that they are uneducated in the field they are selling products in. A properly trained aromatherapist knows what needs to be on a product label to be compliant. We also know what you need to know as a consumer to make sure we do not hurt you due to misinformation. If everything you need to know isn't where you need to see it, please don't buy the product. It's your safety and that of your family which could be in jeopardy.

As a consumer, we need to put our foot down and stop buying from anyone who isn’t labeling their products properly. It’s our safety that is in jeopardy when we turn a blind eye. If we stop buying these mislabeled products, hopefully the people and their companies will start to label properly, or stop selling products. Either way, I would consider that a win, win situation. You are entitled to know exactly what is in any product you are using, demand it.

I am here for any questions you may have, email me at

Love and light,


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