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The Rise of Peanut Allergies

January 8, 2019

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Allergy Season - Can Essential Oils Help?

Summer is here! Which means many fabulous and wonderful things. The outdoors are alive with beautiful flowers, chirping birds and green grass.  The short cold days have turned into longer, warm day and hopefully the sun is shining!  It's amazing.... unless you are like my family and I.  We suffer from seasonal allergies.


Trees, pollen, grass, weeds, and mold are among the most common triggers of seasonal allergies.  They release tiny particles into the air to fertilize other plants.  When they come in contact with noses of those who are allergic, it can send the body's defenses haywire.   The immune system sees the pollen as a danger and releases antibodies to attack the allergens. Chemicals called histamines are then released into the blood.  Histamines can cause issues such as runny nose, itchy and watery eyes, and other symptoms.   It isn't just the pollen in your neighborhood that can cause issues, it can travel for miles.


Antihistamine, anti-inflammatory and anti-allergen properties found in some essential oils can help reduce these symptoms so you can enjoy every season!