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A Distance Reiki Success Story

Recently, a woman contacted me to help heal her hand due to soft tissue damage. After 8 days, her hand was still very painful, with a lot of bruising, and not getting better. This is a picture of her hand at the start of the session. She indicated it was throbbing, very sore, and she could hardly use it.

I set up a Distance Reiki chart for her, did some research on crystals and essential oils, and meditated to see exactly what would be needed to help heal her for her highest good. This is what was decided upon.

The Reiki healing energy was immediately sent to her through intention. I checked in with her that evening, she said it was already feeling so much better and it was not throbbing any more. SUCCESS! Then I checked in with her the next morning. She sent me another picture, (below) stating that her had was so much better, the bruising and swelling had already gone down, she couldn't believe it. It already looks so much better by the thumb are!. She did nothing else to it, no ice or essential oils, just Reiki energy from me. I then checked in on the Reiki energy to see if I should end the session. Her healing was not done yet, so I left it going overnight, to check on in the morning.

The next day, I checked in with her again to see how she was doing and if I needed to modify anything for her. Again, I was sent another picture. WOW! The transformation in 48 hours is remarkable! She indicated again how she had done nothing else to help the healing process, just received Reiki healing energy from me.

Later that night, I checked in on the energy to see if I could end the session. I was given the indication to do so. Her session ran a full 48 hours and was done specifically based on her healing needs. The results are incredible!!!

I offer Distance Reiki sessions, to learn more or book a session, please visit my website. Should you have any questions regarding Reiki, visit my Reiki FAQ's page, or email me at

Love and light,


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