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January 8, 2019

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Essential Oils, Crystals or CBD for Your Aching Head



In the past I have been prone to powerful aching of the head, life was stressful, I ate poorly and after many car accidents, whiplash had taken it's toll.  Thanks to the help of some excellent chiropractors, my neck was doing better and the migraines had subsided......  until this past weekend.


Upon the advice of one of my spiritual teachers, I was directed to do some meditating to release blocked energy due to childhood/adolescent trauma.  I needed to do 3 inner child meditations in succession, with a small break in between each one.  No biggie, I have done this meditation numerous times before.  So, while my wonderful husband had our 3 young boys at the beach, I decided to meditate so I can move on with my life.