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Crystal Elixirs, Have You Tried Any?

These days, you can find a crazy fad or way to use just about anything on the internet. Crystals are no different. I have been doing research on crystal elixirs and what they can actually do for you. Are they safe? Well, that depends on how you are making them.

Crystal waters, elixirs and essences go by many, many names. Gem waters, gem elixirs, gemstone tonics, gem tonics, gem essences, crystal waters, crystal essences, crystal tonics, and more. They all mean the same thing.

Using any of the above names would be correct. Since, gemstones are cut and polished crystals, either gem or crystal is fine. Tonics, elixirs, and essences are all essentially water. They all describe the same thing, a water-based essence containing infused crystal energy.

What is a Crystal or Gemstone Elixir?

According to Wikipedia:

"An elixir (from Arabic: إكسير - Iksīr; from Greek xērion powder for drying wounds from xēros dry) is a clear, sweet-flavored liquid used for medicinal purposes, to be taken orally and intended to cure one's illness. When used as a pharmaceutical preparation, an elixir contains at least one active ingredient designed to be taken orally."

I am not sure about the ability to "cure" one's illnesses, but I do know they have helped me emotionally and spiritually, like a flower essence. A crystal or gemstone elixir is a water that has the healing capabilities of crystals infused into it.

The energy patterns of crystals are the result of subtle alteration and focusing of Universal Life Force energy. In making elixirs, water absorbs the crystal's energy pattern, and stores it while giving it the potential to help us.

Why Use a Crystal Elixir?

We already know that crystals have amazing healing abilities. For them to help, we can wear them, sleep with them, carry in a pocket and just have them in our energy field. Why not take it one step farther? We all need to consume water on a daily basis, so why not add the healing abilities of crystals? It can give us an extra boost. This is just another way to use our crystals to heal ourselves emotionally, spiritually and physically when needed. Whichever crystal (s) you choose, those healing properties will be infused into the nourishing water you drink.

Are Crystal Elixirs Safe?

Now this is where we get into the "gray" area of crystals. Since we are not exactly sure how the crystals are mined, polished and used before they reach us, I do not feel comfortable adding them to my drinking water. Some crystals are toxic, fake, will break down in water, while others have had poor mining standards or been polished with harsh chemicals. All things we would not like to consume. So, for your safety, I DO NOT recommend you add the crystal to your actual water. I prefer the indirect method, where the crystal never actually touches any water. As long as you are setting the intention and leaving them around your water, and not in it, yes, they are absolutely safe.

How to Make a Crystal Elixir

  • Clear the crystals you will be using, charge them to if you wish. Click this link to see how http://

  • Fill your glass with natural spring or pure drinking water.

  • Hold your cleared crystals, center yourself and clear your mind. State the intention of the elixir, I usually write it down so I don’t forget. I always do this for the highest good of all concerned.

  • Place the crystal(s) around the glass, either in a grid or however you are guided. There is no right or wrong way.

  • I read my intention again, infuse with Reiki energy for the highest good of all concerned. If you are not attuned to Reiki, it's ok, you can still set the intention and it will work.

  • Leave the glass in the sunlight, moonlight or out of the way space for two or more hours.

  • Thank the Universe and the crystal(s) for helping create the elixir.

  • Drink!

My favorite and safest way to make your own elixir is to do so indirectly, and with intention. Choose the crystals you would like to use and set them up in a crystal grid or simply around the water you want to have infused with the energy. Set your intention. I recently made a flower essence infused with rose quartz with the intention that it will "Offer love and support as well as healing for all who use it and their highest good". I like having my waters infused with the energy of the sun or moon. While it isn't necessary, I just like their energy.

Another fast, and easy way to infuse your water is by putting your crystals on an elastic band or use a bracelet. The water I am drinking today is infused with hematite, carnelian, amethyst, lepidolite and lava. It is very grounding, calming and nurturing. Since I'm using a personal diffusing aromatherapy bracelet, I am infusing the tranquil peace essential oil blend as well. The water contains no preservatives, so make only as much as you can drink within a day or 2. Keep all unused waters in the refrigerator. Bacteria is not our friend and can start to grow very quickly.

Where Can Elixirs be Used?

You can use an elixir for just about anything. I will add the energized water to my plants, bath, use to prepare tea, spray to clear negative energy, drinking water for my pets, whatever your heart desires. I have also seen where you can take the elixir and make it into a mother essence by adding high content grain alcohol and using it daily. I prefer to just set the intention of my glass of water and drink that.

How Much Should you Consume?

Since I am not a doctor and cannot prescribe, please use your best judgement on how much you should be drinking or consuming. There are varied opinions out there from a couple drops of a mother tincture to as much as you would like. Do your research and let that guide you.

Should you have any questions or would like to order a bracelet to wear or infuse into your water, please visit my website at or send me an email at Please let me know what you are infusing in the comments below and how it has helped you. Have a wonderful day!

Love and light,


Caution: The material on this page is not meant to take the place of diagnosis and treatment by a qualified medical practitioner. Since the actual use of this product by others is beyond our control, no expressed or implied guarantee as to the effects of their use can be given nor liability taken. Use at your own discretion. Any application of the recommendations is at the user’s risk. Sweet Willow Spirit, LLC disclaims any liability arising directly or indirectly from the use of this information and assumes no responsibility for any actions taken. This should not be used in place of traditional therapies but solely as a complementary means for bringing well-being. The FDA has not evaluated the statements on this website. No claims are made as to any medicinal value of any oil or healing modality.

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