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Hydrosols - How Can They Help YOU?



Hydrosols, also known as hydrolats, aromatic waters and floral waters have similar properties as essential oils, however hydrosols are much gentler.


What is a Hydrosol?

The word Hydrosol comes from the Latin words hydro, meaning “water,” and sol, meaning “solution.”  A hydrosol could be considered any water-based solution.  In terms of aromatherapy, a hydrosol is the water left over after plant material is steam distilled.


How is a Hydrosol made?

One way to make a hydrosol is by adding plant material to a still, then heated, and steam is produced.  Over time the steam turns to water when it is piped into the still making its way into the tube leading from the condenser.  See diagram above.  The condenser contains coils that run cold water.  The water cools down the steam turning it back into water.  The water now has the precious essential oils floating on top.  When the essential oils are skimmed off, a very small amount of oil will be left behind in the water.  This water is now considered a hydrosol.