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Clear vs. Colored Essential Oil Bottles



Is there really a different when an essential oil comes in a clear bottle or a colored one?  I have been lead to believe that amber glass bottles are better than clear.  Well, according to Dr. Robert Pappas, a brilliant essential oil expert chemist, clear is just fine for diluted blends and short term storage.  He wrote this on this on his facebook page.


"Many people ask me all the time if its really necessary for essential oils to be stored in colored glass bottles.  My preference is to store the oils in clear glass because color analysis is important to me and I want to be able to clearly see the color of the oil.  The truth is that most essential oils are photochemically inactive in the visible region but do have some reactivity in the ultra-violet (UV) region of the electromagnetic spectrum. Since UV light of high enough energy to cause photochemical reactions in most organic molecules is absorbed (not transmitted) by normal glass, regardless of color, most of the time it really makes little difference if the oils are in clear, brown, blue, green, purple or whatever color glass."


"Of course there are a few exceptions, as with the chamazulene containing oils (blue chamomile, blue yarrow, blue tansy, etc.) that you would not want to store in colorless bottles for long periods under heavy lighting conditions. This is because chamazulene has strong absorption in the VIS