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An Interesting Reiki Session

WARNING: This blog article contains "woo woo" type information.

A little over a year ago now, I was contacted by a woman regarding a custom bracelet and essential oil blend for her adult daughter. The mom, we will call her Sheila, wanted to help her daughter, whom we will call Annie, who had been suffering with her diagnosis of depression. Sheila was terribly worried about Annie because she had contemplated suicide.

The label of depression was too much for Annie to bare, her emotions were not helping, and she had lost her grandmother around the time of diagnosis. All of these emotions were stuck in her body, causing grief, despair and severe depression.

After a consultation, I agreed to make a bracelet and blend, while suggesting Reiki as an alternative modality to see if we could help release the stuck energy. I did some research on crystals and essential oils that could help with these issues and chose oils that have been known to raise and balance the serotonin levels in the body. Most SSRI's (depression medications) have synthetic forms of serotonin in them to minimize the effects of depression.

I meditated on what crystals would be good for the bracelet, and what I should use for a crystal grid during the Reiki session. I ended up with a Star of David grid for depression with carnelian, smoky quartz and citrine. The crystals were cleared and the intention given, then placed under the Reiki table.

The client arrived, we discussed what her expectations were and started the session. Instantly I could feel that many chakras were out of balance and there was A LOT of emotions. My own heart started to race, and stomach started to do flip flops. I knew this energy wasn't mine because I didn't have anything to be nervous about or scared of. We worked on some breathing exercises to help calm her that would then calm us both.

Around the time the breathing slowed, I could feel the presence of an older woman in the space. Very loving, kind and grandmother-like. It was very emotional as she kept her presence known the whole time. Annie said she wasn't very intuitive but the whole time she was on my table, she could feel the love in the room that day.

It's quite amazing what our bodies and energy can tell us about others and their presence. To date, this was the most amazing and profound Reiki session I have done. No 2 are alike, even when done on the same person. Reiki is amazing and can be so beneficial to everyone, even the non-believers. It is now being used in hospitals and surgery centers to help ease pain and anxiety associated with surgery.

My client left that day feeling renewed and so much better about things. She spoke to her doctor and was able to wean off her medications. I love a happy ending. I haven't shared this story until now because people are so judgmental. I don't care anymore. This happened and it was something I wanted to share.

To learn more about Reiki, visit our FAQ web page. If you would like to book an appointment, visit our website, we also do distance sessions. If you have any questions, please email me at Have a wonderful day!

Love and light,


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