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Is Thermography Right for You? Part 3

I feel compelled to write this last, and final part to the thermography series. When I went into this screening, something that I had not considered was what I would do with the results. This is something that you truly need to think about if you are considering thermography.

Thermography, like any screening module is a way to be pro-active. It can help determine if there is an issue so it can be dealt with earlier, rather than later. Something I NEVER considered when I made my appointment was what I would do with the results of these findings.

Needless to say, I was totally unprepared emotionally, physically and financially. I had NO idea what rabbit hole I would be shoved down or where I was going to end up. No one ever thinks that poor health is going to happen to them. Until it does. No one ever expects their test results to ever come back with anything to show. Until it does. We live in a nation that has an epidemic of dis-ease. These negative tests are happening to someone. Could that someone be you?

Do you have a good support system, insurance, and finances? It may be necessary to handle what may need to be addressed after these tests. How far are you willing to go? How much are you willing to spend to take care of any issues that are found? Are you going to be able to change your diet and stick to it should you need to? These are some big questions you need to ask yourself.

I am in NO WAY saying NOT to have pro-active testing done. On the contrary. Please have any and every test done you can possibly afford, if you feel there is a need. I am very glad I paid the $409 for the thermography scan. I just didn't realize the can of worms it was going to open.

Most of the time we have an idea there is something wrong. We may just be scared to address it. Or think issues are due to something minor, but tests reveal it is major. I had no idea I had inflammation in my face. I did know that I have chronic sinus drainage and an issue with my right ear and a lymph node in my neck. I figured the issues were related but had no idea to what extent. Having to blow my nose was only a minor pain in the rear, but stems from a MUCH larger issue. If something out of the ordinary is going on in your body, you try things and it still remains, chances are it is a much bigger issue. I tried going gluten and dairy free. I had been doing this for a year, and was still miserable. I decided I was done smoking hopium and needed to address the real issues. Hoping I wasn't sick, or there wasn't an issue didn't make it better. It was still here.

In my thermography report, it was recommend that I have a CRP test. CRP is C-reactive protein, as I stated in my article - part 2. Well, I had that test done to measure my degree of plaque. I am thrilled with the result of .05, meaning I am at low risk for heart disease. Right now anyway.

After a phone call from the thermographer herself, she stated that due to the inflammation in my face, it is very important I see a holistic dentist. She sent me a list to choose from. I did see one. They did a cone beam x-ray scan to see what issues were going on. Of course this is all out of pocket. I am not sure about you, but we don't have a money tree growing in our back yard. My husband has a great job, but I go to school and work on my business part time. We don't make millions. We are comfortable. Start adding up what I have already spent, and now the recommendations of the dentist, I am a basket case on an emotional roller coaster. The "what ifs, and woulda, shoulda, coulda" keep coming up. And of course, how do we pay for it?

Folks, this is real life. This is real as it gets. How are you going to handle news that isn't good? How will it affect you when they tell you you need to have a test or procedure done but you cannot afford it? Like me, I need to have surgery to remove infection from my face, a root canal that is infected needs to be removed and I have infection from wisdom teeth that were removed over 30 years ago. Oh, and buy the way, issues such as this lead to heart disease and breast cancer. Remember the tooth chart I shared last article?

If you have stuck with me thus far, thank you. These are real issues that YOU need to consider when you have tests done. The good, the bad and the ugly. We all want to live a healthy life. When it isn't so, how are we going to handle it? You better believe I will be turning to my flower essences right now.

I strongly urge you to get your yearly screenings, whatever they may be. Make sure you have people you can rely on in your life should the results be less than what you expected. I truly hope all of them turn out perfect. Have any questions, my door is always open. I am here to help, heal and educate. Send me an email at should you ever want to chat. Have a wonderful and blessed day.

Love and light,


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