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Be Careful Following Any Essential Oil Recipe #2

WOW! Thank you all for helping to make part 1 my top blog article with over 1,000 views in the last year! There are always new crazy recipes coming out. I thought I would make this into a series and add on to the first article.

Just because you can do something, does it mean you should? With that said, I want to caution you regarding online essential oil recipes. Unless it is coming from a properly trained aromatherapist, who went to a NAHA (National Association of Holistic Aromatherapy) or AIA (Association of International Aromatherapists) approved school, chances are it is unsafe and should not be followed. There are other good schools out there that are not NAHA or AIA approved, just choose wisely. Let us look at some I recently found. Again, I have removed any website names and information as to not embarrass anyone or cause any problems. It is never my intent to embarrass anyone. These blog articles are for education, never to poke fun at anyone.


The first thing that caught my eye was this recipe contains wintergreen - 8 drops. Wintergreen is very strong and can burn the skin. Plus it has contraindications for pregnancy, breastfeeding, age, medications and physical conditions. Please be very careful using wintergreen at all. Omitting the essential oils all together and using just the jojoba oil would be a better choice. Just by drinking plenty of water and not taking an overly hot shower, you may be able to avoid dry scalp.


ONE, only one of these recipes contains a carrier oil. All the rest are undiluted. Using undiluted essential oils opens you up to burns, liver toxicity and sensitization issues. Please dilute your essential oils no matter which ones you use. There are also a lot of essential oils listed to throw at a simple issue. Less is more when it comes to essential oils. Why use so many when one or 2 oils can do what is desired? . The more you use, the more you buy. Please protect these natural resources before sustainability becomes a true issue.


Fibromyalgia is a medical condition. Unfortunately essential oils are not classified as drugs. The FDA doesn't allow recipes like this because there are no studies proving essential oils work for this condition. "Blend a few drops", what exactly does that mean anyway? Peppermint is contraindicated for medications, age and some health conditions. It isn't stated on this recipe. Bergamot is also phototoxic, if you happen to sleep with your face on the bergamot blend you could wind up with a sunburn should your face see the sun within 24 hours. It is always best to seek advice from a properly educated aromatherapist rather than follow recipes such as this.


Essential oils should be used with extreme caution! Especially when you cannot see exactly what the condition of the area is you are applying them to. Again, Bergamot is phototoxic. It can cause a sunburn when applied to the skin if that area sees the sunlight within 24 hours. Granted, where hemorrhoids are doesn't generally see the sun. However your back, buttocks or hands can. This is a 30% dilution with is extremely high for this sensitive area. Please discuss with your doctor first before applying any essential oils to your hemorrhoids.


This recipe is a 30% dilution. Much too high for a child. 20 drops of lemon is beyond the safe recommended use for phototoxicity. It can cause a severe sunburn if applied and the sun is exposed to that area within 24 hours. There have been no studies proving that essential oils can prevent you from getting sick. Using them as a preventive measure is wasting these precious oils while adding more for the liver and other organs to remove from the body. Sleep, proper nutrition and exercise are much better alternatives than essential oils to KEEP you healthy.


This recipe is a 32.5% dilution, which is very high. 10% has been effective with most of my clients. Remember, the more you apply to your body, the more your organs need to filter out and remove. This isn't needed. Less is more. You won't use as much so you won't buy as much making it better for your body, the environment and your wallet.


Vanilla extract (alcohol) and cinnamon essential oil being rubbed on your delicate face with abrasive sugar could be a recipe for disaster. I realize this is quite a low dilution, however this is the face we are applying it to. Cinnamon is a very hot oil and even at this low dilution, it can burn sensitive skin. What exactly is the need for cinnamon anyway? It would be effective without the vanilla or cinnamon bark essential oil. And less problematic.


A 5% dilution and Clove essential oil on the face? Clove is also considered a hot oil. Applying it to an already inflamed, sensitive face can cause other issues such as burns and more inflammation. Acne can be traced back to gut issues. I would heal the gut, heal the face.


While this recipe is a very low dilution, I am not sure how effective it would be. Peppermint has contraindications for age, medication and physical conditions yet none of that is mentioned. Please do your own research before following any of these recipes. I would be looking at ways to get to the source of the issue and not using essential oils as a band-aid.


As you can see, there is a lot of misinformation and bad recipes out there. If you see one with the dilution ratio over 5% to the general public, or they are telling you to ingest, think about it. By following that recipe, are you opening yourself up to other problems? Essential oils are here to make you feel better, not hurt you, or make your condition worse. Be careful when following any recipe online.

Should you have questions, you can always email me at I will answer general questions, nothing specific or medical related unless you have had a consultation with me. It would be unethical for me to answer specific questions without a proper health history. Also my insurance company will not allow it. If you are looking for pure, economical essential oils, Barefut is a great company. You can learn more here.

Have a wonderful day!

Love and light,


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