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EO Spotlight - 21+ Ways Orange May Benefit You!

Orange, Sweet Orange or Wild Orange (Citrus sinensis) has a beautiful fresh, fruity, light, cheerful, and uplifting scent. It is a peel oil, cold pressed, and considered a top note.

According to "Orange oil is an essential oil produced by cells within the rind of an orange fruit (Citrus sinensis fruit). In contrast to most essential oils, it is extracted as a by-product of orange juice production by centrifugation, producing a cold-pressed oil. Orange oil is used as a cleaner."

According to, in a study dated, October 31, 2017, Does the Fragrance of Essential Oils Alleviate the Fatigue Induced by Exercise? "The results suggested that the inhalation of an essential oil mixture could powerfully relieve exercise-induced fatigue."

An article from, dated September 22, 2016 called The effect of inhalation of Citrus sinensis flowers and Mentha spicataleave essential oils on lung function and exercise performance, "Our findings support the effectiveness of M. spicata (peppermint) and C. sinensis essential oils on the exercise performance and respiratory function parameters."

In an article published on January, 2012, on the site, titled, Effectiveness of antimicrobial formulations for acne based on orange (Citrus sinensis) and sweet basil (Ocimum basilicum L) essential oils, "All groups reported an improvement of the acne condition, which ranged between 43% and 75% clearance of lesions. Evidence of treatment disappeared within minutes, showing little discomfort or side effects after application." Please be careful applying any essential oil to the face. Especially with basil and orange as some brands have been known to be phototoxic. It is recommend not to exceed a 1% total dilution for the face which is 5-6 drops of essential oil per ounce of carrier oil. Please do your own research to make sure there are no contraindications pertaining to your situation.

It can also help with other things listed below.



  • bring optimism

  • aid in happiness

  • reduce irritability

  • refresh the mind

  • uplift the spirit

  • energize

  • rejuvenate a tired mind, body and spirit

  • aid to open the heart

  • support love, joy and happiness

  • unblocks and circulates stagnant energy

  • soothes the perfectionist who can't tolerate mistakes

  • calms those reluctant to ask for help

  • sedating and relaxing

  • calming


  • digestive system support

  • reduce chills

  • localized discomfort support

  • reduce achiness, tenderness and soreness of the body

  • immune system support

  • tonic for the whole body

  • odor reducer

Paired Crystals:

If you wanted to pair crystals with this lovely oil, carnelian, citrine, clear quartz, emerald, green aventurine, kunzite, rhodochrosite, and sunstone are all excellent choices. Wear them as a necklace or bracelet, carry in a pouch, or just have in your pocket.

Blends well with:

Bergamot, Black Pepper, Cinnamon, Citronella, Geranium, Ginger, Frankincense, Juniper Berry, Lavender, Lemon, Sweet Marjoram, Patchouli, Ylang Ylang


Diffuse, bath, massage, topical


Old or oxidized oils should be avoided, skin sensitization if oxidized. Always use diluted! *1

If you would like to buy an essential oil blend, a crystal healing bracelet or necklace, visit our website at If you would like to order this single oil, click HERE. If you have any questions, please send me an email at



Caution: The material on this page is not meant to take the place of diagnosis and treatment by a qualified medical practitioner. Since the actual use of this product by others is beyond our control, no expressed or implied guarantee as to the effects of their use can be given nor liability taken. Use at your own discretion. Any application of the recommendations is at the user’s risk. Sweet Willow Spirit, LLC disclaims any liability arising directly or indirectly from the use of this information and assumes no responsibility for any actions taken. This should not be used in place of traditional therapies but solely as a complementary means for bringing well-being. The FDA has not evaluated the statements on this website. No claims are made as to any medicinal value of this oil.

*1 Tisserand and Young; Essential Oil Safety A Guide for Health Care Professionals: Second Edition. New York: Churchill Livingstone Elsevier, 2014. Print

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