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When Free Advice isn't Necessarily Free

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We've all been there. We ask a friend a "quick" question regarding something they are knowledgeable about. I know I have done it in the past. I just want to say I'm sorry to those I have done this too.

We cannot just call up our doctor and say "hey Dr. Joe, I need a prescription for my sinus infection, will you call it in?" It doesn't work like that with allopathic medicine, it doesn't with any natural health modality either. I can't call up a lawyer friend and just ask them a legal question. How invested in that question do you think they are going to be? Not much. I am not a client, I am a friend. Well, maybe not for long. If I did that, how often do you think that friend is going to want to speak to me or hang out? I am abusing our friendship seeking free advice. If I truly valued them I would schedule an appointment and pay them for their time, which is what they are worth. Why is it so hard to do that with our friends, family and acquaintances?

It's never just as simple as people think it is. I get asked all the time, "what essential oil can I use for xyz?" "What remedy can I take because I have a cough?" Well, being that you are not my client and I am not working with you, how would I know what would be the best thing for YOU. I know some generalities on many things, but not necessarily are they the best things for you. Finding something that works specifically for you is important. If some generalization doesn't work then you may think the entire modality is garbage. Or, I could really put your health in harms way. No one wants that.

I could have a list of 15 different things that work for say, a headache. Not all of them deal with the same symptoms. I need to know more. When you say headache, can you define that for me? What exactly do you mean? Aching where in the head? Where did it originate? Where does the pain go after it started in the head? Is it like a hammer in the head? Or more of a dull ache? Is it on the top of the head, or back? Maybe behind the eyes? Does it feel worse at any specific time of the day? When this happens, do you want heat or cold on it? And on and on. Holistic health is not one size fits all.

When you come and see me, in order to have the chosen remedy be effective, it needs to be more than a 5 minute conversation. Or for most that ask me, a text or message via Facebook. Please don't take to social media to ask complete strangers either.

We are trained and educated to try and help without hurting. You know, Primum non Nocere. First, do no harm. It is never our intent to hurt anyone, but by not being thorough we could. I see it all the time, I even wrote a blog about Arm Chair Doctors. Since when it is a good idea to take your health issues to social media? I can't think of even one instance where asking perfect strangers on Facebook how to handle your health issues would be a good idea. NOT ONE. These strangers are most likely not trained, have no background and surely have no vested interest in helping you. If you take bad advice, it only hurts you.

If you truly value us as friends and natural health practitioners, show us by booking any appointment. That is the only way to truly get to the root of the issue and help you in a safe way. We will spend time with you where we can focus solely on you and your needs.

On that note, I am now taking acute homeopathic consultations. If something should ever come up, book an appointment. The cost is $45 plus the cost of remedies which can be $8-20. Even though I am still in school, I can try and help! The VERY reduced rate of the appointment is a reflection of my schooling. It make take more than one remedy to get it correct but I will work with you until I figure it out. Click on the links above or send me an email. Or, if you go to the services page, you will find the consultation and much more

Have a wonderful day!!!! Should you want to book any appointment, please visit our Services page. If you want to send an email seeking information on any of our services, please send it to

Love and light, Melissa

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