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The Rise of Peanut Allergies

January 8, 2019

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What's in a Title?



Today, you can go to school for just about anything, and everything.  People can call themselves anything they want, and they do.  Not everything is as it seems.  In many unregulated natural health modalities, you can call yourself a doctor without having to attend actual medical school.  The question is.... would you, or even, should you?


Before you get upset, or think I am off my rocker, it's true.  We have so many unaccredited online schools in this country.  You can get a "degree" in just about anything.  You can go to herbal school, aromatherapy school, homeopathy school, earn your PhD, or even "medical" school.  All from the privacy of your own living room.  While I love that we don't have the government breathing down our necks trying to control everything we do.  We need to be very careful in how we represent ourselves.


A while ago I conducted a poll on my Facebook page.  It was titled "If someone told you there