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January 8, 2019

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Enough with the Mom-shaming.....



Have you ever heard the phrase, "mom-shaming"?  What is it?  According to Urbandictionary.com, "Criticizing or degrading a mother for her parenting choices because they differ from the choices the shamer would make."   Have you been on the receiving end or even done it to someone else?  I will admit I have done it.  Also received it.  It isn't kind and doesn't make anyone feel very good.


We live in a world of perfect lives on social media.  Most of the time, all you see is the picture-perfect side of life, things that happen during the day without the stark reality of the dark side.


When someone, such as a mom comes to facebook to vent about something that happened to them, they are labelled "drama mama", or something just a mean.


Not that long ago, we had a scare at my children's elementary school.  The school was on high alert due to an incident in the area.  The school went on lock down due to a domestic issue at a home near-by.  It was an issue between a husband and wife who had children attending this school.  To protect all these children, they locked down the schools in the area, especially this school to keep everyone safe.  Better to be safe, then sorry.  Right after that, yet another school shooting happened in another part of the country.  I had anxiety about sending my kids to school.  I know I wasn't alone because other parents expressed the same concerns.  I went to the school and spoke with the principal.  I wanted to now what the procedures were if such a thing (school shooting) happened in our school system.