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Homeopathic Cell Salts

(Photo source: pixabay.com)

My family has been using cell salts a lot lately.  Since I am learning so much and they are benefiting us greatly, I wanted to share my knowledge in the hope that it may benefit you and your family too!


What are Cell Salts?

A German doctor by the name of Wilhelm Heinrich Schuessler discovered cell salts  in the late 1800's.  He studied ash residue in human cells where he found there were 12 mineral salts.  He found that these salts can stimulate natural healing mechanisms in the body and balance minerals.  They are known to increase your constitutional health by rebuilding your tissues and organs.  This is done safely and effectively over a long period of time. 

Every one of these 12 minerals are very important to our bodies.  Since homeopathic cell salts are absorbed at the cellular level through our mucous membranes, we are able to use them more efficiently.  Most things are absorbed through the gut which can be a huge issue if you have trouble with digestion or gut related issues. 


Cell salts have proven to be very beneficial in balancing many conditions of the body.  They can balance excess and deficiency.  We get sickest where we are healthiest, and where we are weakest.

They are great for people of any age and work well with herbs and with vitamins and mineral supplements. 

The 12 cell salts are: