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Germs in the Bathroom


This blog article is not for the faint of heart.  If you are squeamish, have a weak stomach or never really want to know what is in your bathroom, please stop reading now.  As once you learn this, you can never “unlearn” it.


A while ago, in one of my Thursday night homeopathic study group sessions, the instructor was talking about the repertory.  The homeopathic repertory is a HUGE book of over 2,200 pages.  It's a homeopath's "go to" guide in choosing a remedy that will best cover the totality of the symptoms in their case.  Anyway, she was talking about how someone she knew had 2 copies of this huge book and would leave one in his bathroom to read/study when he was in there taking care of business.  Most of the people in the class were like, ewwwww. lol I have always wondered about germs in the bathroom.  I was surprised to learn what I did.  Also, surprisingly enough, there are other germs in your home that are far worse.


Where Are Germier Places?

On average there is more bacteria and germs on your cellphone, kitchen sponge/dishcloth, kitchen sink and your coffee maker's coffee reservoir than any other place in your home. (8)  Anything that is warm and damp a lot has the ability to breed bacteria.


What Can You Do at Home?

Did you know that when you flush your toilet, germs, bacteria and actual feces can be shot into the air?  Yep.  Then they land on surfaces in the bathroom.  Many people I know have their toothbrushes in cute little holders next to the sink.  Think about what's landing on that and now goes in your mouth.  GAH!  Never fear, your body is amazing and has probably taken care of gastrointestinal issues that this has caused many times in the past.  But, it’s probably a good idea to keep your toothbrush in a cabinet or covered anyway.


It is always best to shut the lid on the toilet of your home before flushing to avoid spraying poop everywhere. It isn’t perfect, however it’s better than leaving the lid open.  In fact, there may be more germs on your cellphone and toothbrush than an actual toilet seat. According to pubmed.com in an article dated 2012, titled Toothbrush Contamination: A Review of the Literature — more than 10 million bacteria call your toothbrush home. (1) "There are real concerns, if you have it in the bathroom," she said. "As you flush the toilet it, you expose your toothbrush to germs from the fecal matter."(2)


How Do Public Toilets Affect You?

A study published in Applied and Environmental Microbiology assessed the microbes in 4 differe