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January 8, 2019

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Elderberry Syrup - Recipe Included



By now, I am sure you have seen some posts regarding elderberries and syrup.  It's amazing for helping to boost the immune system.  In the winter months with the lack of vitamin D containing sunlight, less exercise due to the weather, lack of readily available fresh produce and of course stress, we are more susceptible to illness at this time.


That is where something natural like elderberry syrup can help!  In an article from The Science of Eating,"Science has just recently verified what folk medicine has known for centuries, Black Elderberry ‘Laciniata’ is a potent antiviral medicine and works against some strains of bacteria as well."  


According to Progressive Health "Laboratory studies show that elderberry extract exhibits a total antiviral activity against influenza viruses.  Elderberry can inhibit the growth of bacteria associated with upper respiratory tract infections. That bacteria usually worsen flu episodes and can cause flu-like symptoms.  We know that elderberry can prevent bacteria from adhering to cells, ensuring that influenza viruses cannot infect cells and cause symptomatic disease. In addition, it can prevent influenza viruses from gaining entry into respiratory tract and systemic circulation by preventing them from sticking to the soft tissues of the nose and throat. To achieve these significant reductions in viral production, elderberry blocks essential growth factors that the viruses need to reproduce."



If you would like to read some studies on Elderberries, I have included them below.