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Is the Absence of Disease, Health?



My homeopathic education has rocked my world.  Seriously.  Everything I have been taught and believed thus far in my life is almost a contradiction to what I have learned so far in homeopathy school.  I totally see things in a different way now.


The absence of illness doesn’t equate to being healthy, just as the absence of symptoms doesn’t equate to "cure".  In allopathic or western medicine we are taught that absence of symptoms means you are healthy and doing well.  If you have a chronic illness, whether that be a physical issue or even a mental one (anger, anxiety, depression, etc.) your body is dealing with that on a far deeper level.  The homeopathic world looks at what the allopathic definition of “cure” as suppression.  The symptoms are gone because the medications are removing the symptoms, if you stop taking your medications, will your symptoms reappear?  Chances are yes.  Then, you are essentially not "cured".  You are palliating the issue.


In homeopathy, it is believed the only way to truly be done with an illness is to remove the symptoms once and for all.  Uproot them from the body so they do not come back.  In order to do that you must go deeper than the disease.  Homeopathic medicines are energetic remedies that can do just that.  Go deeper.  Depending on the potency, we see they can go deeper into the person to help them on all levels.  We are more than a physical being, we are spiritual, and emotional.  We have issues on these levels as well as the physical.


Let Me Give You an Example

I am talking about people with chronic issues.  Chronic issues don't only include the physical, they include the mental as well.  Anxiety, sadness, grief, deep anger, depression, etc are all forms of chronic issues. This may also include people who are on a lot of medications, have way too much stress in their lives or many unresolved issues that have been pushed down and never dealt with. We all have stress, however there is stress and then there is STRESS. I will give myself as an example.


So, I have been overly vaccinated and medicated through my life.  I also deal with much suppressed anger from childhood and adulthood. It's no surprise to me now that I had a liver tumor.  Traditional Chinese Medicine believes the liver is the organ that deals with anger.  For the last few years, since I had my liver surgery, I seriously never got sick. I was like wahoo! Well, since I've been in homeopathy school I have learned that my lack of sickness is not the same as being healthy. My body is dealing with ALL the issues that have come to be in the last 40+ years.  These issues are deeper and stronger than a cold or the flu, so that is why I don't get sick. Yay me! Wrong. My body can't afford to get these sicknesses, it may the thing that will put me over the edge.  I could literally get sick and die because of it.  Our body is going to protect us at all costs, until it can't.


Working with my own homeopath I have uprooted many things and am starting to get sick, which is a good thing.  It isn't fun but yes, it is a good thing.  My body is starting to work like it should to allow these illnesses help build up my immune system. Not necessarily is the absence of illness, health.


On the flip side, constant illness is not good either.  We will talk about that in similar diseases below.  Let's talk about dissimilar and similar diseases and why they are important.