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Is the Absence of Disease, Health?

My homeopathic education has rocked my world. Seriously. Everything I have been taught and believed thus far in my life is almost a contradiction to what I have learned so far in homeopathy school. I totally see things in a different way now.

The absence of illness doesn’t equate to being healthy, just as the absence of symptoms doesn’t equate to "cure". In allopathic or western medicine we are taught that absence of symptoms means you are healthy and doing well. If you have a chronic illness, whether that be a physical issue or even a mental one (anger, anxiety, depression, etc.) your body is dealing with that on a far deeper level. The homeopathic world looks at what the allopathic definition of “cure” as suppression. The symptoms are gone because the medications are removing the symptoms, if you stop taking your medications, will your symptoms reappear? Chances are yes. Then, you are essentially not "cured". You are palliating the issue.

In homeopathy, it is believed the only way to truly be done with an illness is to remove the symptoms once and for all. Uproot them from the body so they do not come back. In order to do that you must go deeper than the disease. Homeopathic medicines are energetic remedies that can do just that. Go deeper. Depending on the potency, we see they can go deeper into the person to help them on all levels. We are more than a physical being, we are spiritual, and emotional. We have issues on these levels as well as the physical.

Let Me Give You an Example

I am talking about people with chronic issues. Chronic issues don't only include the physical, they include the mental as well. Anxiety, sadness, grief, deep anger, depression, etc are all forms of chronic issues. This may also include people who are on a lot of medications, have way too much stress in their lives or many unresolved issues that have been pushed down and never dealt with. We all have stress, however there is stress and then there is STRESS. I will give myself as an example.

So, I have been overly vaccinated and medicated through my life. I also deal with much suppressed anger from childhood and adulthood. It's no surprise to me now that I had a liver tumor. Traditional Chinese Medicine believes the liver is the organ that deals with anger. For the last few years, since I had my liver surgery, I seriously never got sick. I was like wahoo! Well, since I've been in homeopathy school I have learned that my lack of sickness is not the same as being healthy. My body is dealing with ALL the issues that have come to be in the last 40+ years. These issues are deeper and stronger than a cold or the flu, so that is why I don't get sick. Yay me! Wrong. My body can't afford to get these sicknesses, it may the thing that will put me over the edge. I could literally get sick and die because of it. Our body is going to protect us at all costs, until it can't.

Working with my own homeopath I have uprooted many things and am starting to get sick, which is a good thing. It isn't fun but yes, it is a good thing. My body is starting to work like it should to allow these illnesses help build up my immune system. Not necessarily is the absence of illness, health.

On the flip side, constant illness is not good either. We will talk about that in similar diseases below. Let's talk about dissimilar and similar diseases and why they are important.

Dissimilar Disease

In homeopathy we see similar and dissimilar diseases. In aphorism 36 of Samuel Hahemann's organon of medical art (1) we learn:

"If two dissimilar disease meet together in the human being and they are either of equal strength, or the other one happens to be stronger, then the older disease will keep the new one away from the body."

Someone who is already suffering from a serious chronic disease will not be infected by an autumnal dysentery or other moderate epidemic disease. Basically, if you have a chronic disease like arthritis or multiple sclerosis when you are exposed to a mild case of influenza, you are most likely not going to get the flu since these other chronic illnesses are much stronger than the flu.

Then in aphorism 37 (1) we learn:

"So also, under ordinary medical treatments, an old chronic malady remains uncured and as it was when it is gently treated allopathically (according to common treatment mode) that is, when it is treated with medicines incapable of engendering in healthy individuals a condition-state similar to disease. An old chronic malady does not respond to gentle allopathic treatment when the treatment lasts for years. Since this is seen daily in practice, it requires no confirming examples."

Example of this, 2 children were afflicted with a kind of epilepsy, while they were going through a bought of ringworm they remained free from epileptic attacks but as soon as the ringworm was gone, the epilepsy was there again just as before.

To break that down, allopathic treatments do not alter or "cure" stronger chronic diseases, even if the treatments go on for years. We can suspend diseases while others are at the forefront but they don't go away. We see this so much in our present day. People who are on medications for years and years due to chronic illness never seem to get better, they either stay the same or get worse. They keep going but they need more and more medicine.

Similar Disease

In aphorism 43 of the organon (1) it is says:

"The result is totally different when two similar diseases meet in the organism (when a strong disease joins a similar one that is already present). Here we are shown how cure can result in the course of nature and how we ought to cure. Basically when two similar diseases meet, the stronger new diseases cures the older, weaker one. They cannot exist next to one another in the body or form a more complicated disease."

Example, the fever of measles and the quality of its cough, are quite similar to whooping cough. In one epidemic where both measles and whooping cough reigned simultaneously, a doctor noticed many children who had already had the measles remained free from the whooping cough. They would have become free from the whooping cough and uninfectable by measles in that all subsequent epidemics if measles and whooping cough were more than just partially similar.

To break this down, if you have one disease (measles) and contract another similar disease (whooping cough), the stronger of the 2 diseases when it is finished can take away the weaker of the disease so you are left with neither of the diseases you had. With this, we are not giving pharmaceutical prescriptions that suppress. I realize that some medications are needed to sustain life. However, is it possible to work on trying to get to the root of the issue while working with our medical doctors to reduce the need for these medications? I think so.

Why Does This Matter?

In homeopathy we are looking for a remedy that is similar to the issue you are coming to us for. Remember, homeopathy means similar suffering and like cures like. We want something similar that is a little bit stronger to go deeper than what is currently happening to lift that without causing further issues. That is the beauty of this modality, if the correct remedy is chosen and used, it may just be possible to uproot the issue once and for good without palliating that chronic ailment.

I realize this is a lot of mumbo jumbo to some. Basically they gyst is, if you are on many medications and have chronic disease, if you don't get sick, that doesn't mean you are the picture of health. It may just be that you are dealing with much larger issues you didn't realize so your body is not allowing you to be sick. You don't even have to be on a number of medications for this to be true. I wasn't. I wasn't on any medications. I didn't even know that I was in this state of ill health, well until it became an issue. Think about it, if you can't even produce a fever to fight off illness, exactly how healthy are you?

What Can You do About it?

Seek out alternative practitioners if this resonates with you. Look for an herbalist, homeopath, chiropractor, massage therapist, any natural health modality that you feel can benefit your situation. I love homeopathy and chiropractic. Our dogs even have their own homeopath! We don't have to sit back and take the hand we are dealt, we can try and change it. Doing nothing and staying status quo isn't going to get things done. If you are on medication, please talk to your doctor before going off anything. Many drugs need a weaning off period, it isn't good to quit cold turkey.

If this is something that resonates with you and you have an acute issue, not chronic and would like to book an appointment, please let me know at Or you can visit on our website. Thank you, have a wonderful day!!!

Love and light,


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(1) Organon of the medical art by Dr. Samuel Hahnemann, edited and annotated by Wenda Brewster O'Reilly PhD.

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