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January 8, 2019

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A few months ago, an awesome friend turned me on to "gut shots".  If you don't know what they are, you are missing out!  They. Are. Amazing!


When you think of the words, "gut shot", most would think of a punch to the gut. lol  That is NOT what this is.  A gut shot is a probiotic shot of yummy goodness that can help people with gut issues.  Probiotics are an amazing way to help heal the gut.  I prefer not to pop a pill and to use food and homeopathy to achieve this.


I love the brand Farmhouse Culture, however they are expensive in my opinion.  So, being the budget minded person that I am I decided to see if I could recreate what they sell.  I think I got pretty darn close!  It doesn't have all the fiz the Farmhouse Culture brand does, but it is still amazing!


There are 2 flavors that I love, Beet and Dill Pickle.  The dill pickle tastes like a dill pickle and the beet tastes like salty beets.


What You Are Going to Need

Blender or very good knife skills

Non-metal strainer

wooden spoon or rubber scraper

Cheese cloth

Quart size mason jar


Silicone burper or whatever you use to ferment




Raw and Peeled Organic Beets

Organic Cabbage (2  1/2 - 2  3/4 cups very roughly chopped)

Kosher Salt (1  1/2 teaspoons)