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January 8, 2019

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Homeopathy for Summer Ailments



Summer is an amazing time of year, however there can be a lot of accidents and injuries.  Let's talk about some remedies that I recommend you keep around the house or bring on trips, just in case.


If you are unfamiliar with homeopathy and want to understand it more, read my blog regarding Homeopathy and Children.  In it I explain what homeopathy is, how to use it and how it may be beneficial to you.


Recently my husband went to the boundary waters in northern Minnesota on a mini camping vacation with a bunch of guys.  I tried to think of things that would be beneficial for him to bring with that covered all the "normal" summer issues but didn't make his pack overly heavy.  These are what I sent.


Apis mellifica 30c - stings or bites that are red, hot, swollen,or inflamed.  Worse with heat, fire, hot drinks, touch, and pressure but better with cool air, cool bathing, uncovering and sitting erect/upright.


Arnica 200c - sprains, bruises, bruised feeling of the mind or body, sore muscles where the person is better lying down and/or lying with h