We NEED to Stop Taking Things Personally

Easier said that done, right? OH YEA! I know I am a big offender of this, but working on it. Social media can be one of the best and worst places. It can either build and lift you up, or tear you down in a heartbeat. I really dislike it but, with a business I find it necessary. Have we conditioned ourselves to like to feel offended?

I have found that social media can be a very negative place. If you are finding yourself in a negative place, it can make negativity 10 times worse. Lately I have been trying hard to live by the book, the 4 agreements. Many times when someone says something that upsets me, I ask myself, "why am I upset?" "What is it about this that is triggering me?"

Sensitive, empathetic people will find it harder to be in a negative space like social media. We just need to know when it's time to walk away and work on other things.

I urge you to find your triggers and work through them. Ask yourself why you are triggered? What was it about a comment or story that made you upset, sad or angry? It can help you to work through it and have it be less of a trigger. Many times the things that are upsetting us are the things that we don't like in ourselves that we see in others. It is so much easier to see these things in others than it is to see them in ourselves.

Generally, much of what is said is said to no one in particular but we can definitely take it to heart. That is how things can get out of control very quickly. Things can get said that you would never dream of saying to another person should they be face to face but it seems sitting behind a keyboard makes it so much easier to be judgmental, rude and unkind. There is no harm in just scrolling by. There is no harm in walking away. We do have a choice, we need to execute the best choice for us at that time. Cooler heads can prevail should we give it a chance.

Downward Spiral

See the graphic above? Once we get into a downward spiral sometimes it is hard to pull ourselves out. Negativity breeds more negativity. Negative energy can certainly pull us further down which can compound on everything we do. Ever have a day that feels like NOTHING is going well? EVERYTHING is shit and you just can't pull yourself up?

That is when I call a friend, see a friend, get a hug, take a walk in nature, shower and envision the water taking the negativity away, meditate or hang out with my dogs. An energy boost from anything or anyone can be the exact thing we need. I have an AMAZING chiropractor, Dr. Shelby that can literally hug me and make me cry in an instant if that is what my body feels I need to do. She is a great friend and we both know that we are here for each other when we need that boost. I urge you to find friends like that. Friends that vibrate like you do and can pull you back up when you need it. We all can feel off, we all can feel that things are not going our way but that feeling doesn't have to last.

Sometimes all it can take to get out of that spiral is an energy shift. Know that when someone is being rude or hurtful to you, you don't need to change who you are to deal with it, you just need to remember that is isn't you. The issue isn't about it, it's about them. How they treat you is a reflection on them, not on you.

I hope you found this beneficial. The more I realize that the only thing I can control in this world is me, the easier life becomes. The more I understand that my energy dictates how I feel the better I am doing. If you have any questions or comments, please send me an email at melissa@sweetwillowspirit.com. Have a wonderful and uplifting day!

Love and light,


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