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Empower is a great word, for me it means to take back your power! It was my mantra for all of 2017. My job as a natural health practitioner is to educate and empower you to be able to help your family with simple acute situations. That may be the common cold or a sliver, something that is not an arduous task and can be narrowed down to a handful of remedies, herbs or essential oils.

With this empowerment, it is also important to know when you are not able or should not take that issue on. This could be if it has not resolved itself in a day or 2 or it is chronic. These things are more serious, can get a whole lot worse quickly and need someone more qualified to help. This isn't a bad thing. We all have our niches and if yours is not natural health, THAT IS OK! The thing is, just know when you need to ask for help. I do it all the time as there are many areas where I am definitely not qualified to do things on my own.

Our dishwasher stopped working the other day, it would do nothing. The repair man can and says, "oh, wow, I haven't see this before". Oh goodie. lol It was way beyond me and I wasn't ashamed to ask for help because I know nothing about dishwashers other than to fill them with dirty dishes, put some soap in and push start. lol It is not my area of expertise and I'm ok with that.

I get asked all the time, "why remedy is good for this, what oil should I use for that, etc". We live in an allopathic society. Instant gratification to get on with our lives. No one ever wants to be sick but it happens. It's a sign you need to pay attention to. If for whatever reason you are sick, that is your body's way of saying "take a break"! Rest, get better so you can keep going, that doesn't mean you need to power through and keep going. REST! That is what is needed. Many times you didn't get sick overnight, it was building up to the illness. That means you are not going to snap your fingers and be better either.

If you are in a situation where you have time to look at alternative therapies to heal, go for it. However if you have waited too long or the situation got bad quickly, please seek proper medical attention. Stay off Facebook and ask someone truly qualified to help you. I know we all love to save money and do things "our way", however sometimes that isn't an option, know when to say when.

Remember, my door is always open to you for acute situations such as a cold, cough, pain, ache, etc. I believe natural remedies are very effective, just know when they are appropriate and when they are not.

Please let me know if you have any questions, email me at Have a wonderful day!

Love and light,


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