Homeopathy to Reduce a Fever

Recently, while scrolling through the ultimate time waster, Facebook I came across a post regarding homeopathy and fevers. In this post it was stated that people use homeopathy expecting it to reduce a fever. Multiple remedies were given and the fever still persisted. It was also stated that since homeopathy isn't an antipyretic, it won't reduce a fever. For the record, homeopathy is indeed not an antipyretic (fever reducer), antiemetic (reduces vomiting), anti-viral, anti-bacterial, carminative (relieves intestinal gas pain) or anything else for that matter. It doesn't need to be. Homeopathy is in a league of it's own.

I have seen homeopathy indeed reduce fevers, stop vomiting, stop diarrhea, reduce inflammation, stop the spread of infection even when antibiotics didn't, heal the tendon of my dog's knee so she didn't need surgery and so much more. Much, much more. Homeopathy can reduce a fever IF and that’s is a HUGE if, if the remedy matches the totality of the symptoms for that person.

We don’t generally give a remedy for a fever at my house but when giving a remedy for a different situation it has helped the fever almost ever time. In this story I read, the reason why neither remedy worked is because it wasn’t right. It was a poor choice based on allopathic thinking.

When people think of fever, they automatically think of belladonna. Most every time. Belladonna is marketed as a fever reducer under FDA labeling guidelines. Unless the symptoms match the totality of the remedy belladonna, it won’t help much, if at all. Totality of symptoms means MORE than just a fever. What else is going on with the fever? There is never just a fever. What is the person's mental state? How are they handling the illness? Does hot drinks make them better? Do cold drinks? Do they want to be covered or uncovered? What was going on in their life before the fever started? So many things are looked at when choosing a homeopathy remedy, never "just" fever.

I will give myself as an example, my constitutional remedy is apis (honey bee). When I get sick, 99.9% of the time all the symptoms of my illness are an expression of my constitution so my constitutional remedy works. Apis is not one I would reach for first based on having a cold or bronchitis but after taking the case properly, looking up rubrics and seeing commonality, it is the expression that is seen. An apis fever has an afternoon chill with thirst, person worse with motion or heat. External heat with smothering feeling. Sweat slight with sleepiness. Perspiration breaks out and dries up frequently. Plus so much more. No one considers apis for a fever..... but they should. If the symptoms match this remedy then it should be given over any other option. As a society we want the easy option. Belladonna for fevers, chamomilla for teething, aconite for shock, etc., homeopathy as you know isn’t like that. If it were easy, it wouldn’t be costing me 4 years of my life and around $30k to understand this modality. Even then, all my teachers say after 25+ years, 40+ years, etc. they still get thrown curve balls. Lol If a chosen remedy works based on guessing, then, even though I don’t believe in luck, they were pretty much very lucky. This post is a great reminder that unless the person is down and out with a fever we need to evaluate each situation and possibly let it run it’s course. Every fever for every person is different. I don’t generally do anything for them, but my 9yo is vaccine damaged and not the most vital. We are working on him with our own homeopath so we do occasionally give remedies that help his fever. His fever at 101 is like someone else’s belladonna fever at 105. He is listless, glassy eyes, can hardly function and is miserable. We need to look at each individual situation.

I encourage empowerment, however, when things are not working the way you would expect, find a professional. Homeopathy can work on the very first dose, but if by the 3rd to 4th dose it isn't work, stop and find a better remedy based on the symptoms. Remember every person is different, every situation is different and every remedy is different. In a world with over 4,000 homeopathic remedies available, perhaps the reason it isn't work for you is because it isn't the best fit.

I hope this article explained some things and helps all of you. Should you have any questions, please email me at melissa@sweetwillowspirit.com. We do take acute consultations so if you are interested, book one here. Have a wonderful and healthy day!

Love and light,


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