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- Sizing & Care -

How to find your correct bracelet size


Sizing is based on your actual wrist size, not bracelet length. Please measure your wrist before ordering. I charge $5 to restring a bracelet.  Once you receive your bracelet, please visit our Cleansing, Activating and Programming page.

How to Find an Accurate Bracelet Size:
STEP 1: Measure your wrist above the wrist bone (between your wrist and hand) with a measuring tape, piece of string or a strip of paper.
STEP 2: If using a plain strip of paper or string, mark your strip with a pen where the end of the bracelet needs to be. Then measure the paper strip or string with a ruler. Pull it so it is comfortably tight. This is your wrist size.
STEP 3:  To find bracelet size, increase the wrist measurement by 1/2" unless you like it very loose, then increase by 1".  These bracelets are made from stones and are heavier than a normal bracelet.  Buying too large will cause the bracelet to fall off.  I charge a minimum of $5 + shipping both ways to adjust an incorrectly sized bracelet.  If you have questions, please send an email to

Child Sizes: 5 - 5.75 and Adult Sizes: 6 - 8.5


If you need a size other than one listed on the jewelry page, chose the size closest to the one you need, then email me and I will size accordingly, or choose a custom bracelet.  If you are placing an order for a custom bracelet, ADJUST THE FIT above so you are choosing the correct fit.  Please let me know if the measurement is wrist size or bracelet size.

Applying oils to your lava stones:

Please do not pour the undiluted essential oils from the bottle onto your lava stones.  Some of the oils are quite hot and can eat through the elastic on contact.  I have seen it happen.  The best way to apply them is via a cotton tipped applicator (q-tip) or by placing a drop on a glass plate and rubbing the stone through that drop.  Due to sensitization issues, it's not a good idea to place a drop or 2 on our hands and apply to the stones that way.  Since you are applying undiluted essential oils to the bracelet, they will evaporate.  No cleaning of the lava stones is needed.

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