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We have worked with some amazing people, they wanted to share their experiences.

Aromatherapy essential oil blend
Aromatherapy healing crystal bracelet
Essential oil crystal healing personal diffuser
Essential oil crystal healing personal diffusing bracelet
Aromatherapy personal diffusing necklace
Aromatherapy personal diffusing bracelet

I first met Melissa and Sweet Willow Spirit back in November of 2016.  Melissa has turned my life around with this kind of healing.  I suffer from some debilitating illnesses like Bipolar 1, (mania oriented), chronic insomnia, PTD, and hallucinations that I have had also for years.  I get completely out of control with these illnesses and how it plays havoc in my life and anyone in it.  I have had illnesses for 25 years now and I am only 54.  My life became and was turned upside down shortly after graduating from college.  I can’t express enough how the use of crystals has turned my life around.  I now have been out of the ER - Inpatient Psychiatric hospital and an outpatient program for 6 months.  This has never happened in my years of this illness.  I have also gone from once a week therapy which I had been doing for the same amount of years to every three weeks.  This also has never happened.  My manic episodes are now completely under control.  NO waiver in either direction.  Not even a little bit.  I am right in the middle.  YEAH!!  But I truly believe by using crystals that this is why all these things are happening and are possible.  Psychiatric and other devastating illnesses can use all the help possible.  But, you must believe that things can get better as well.  Positive thinking does help too.  I do BELIEVE that crystals without a doubt are helping.  I am a person who believes the class is half full.  I was really getting tired of conventional medicine because it just wasn’t working..  Don’t get me wrong, I still have to take some medications that I just can’t give up.  But without the use of crystals, this would not have been possible to get to this point with these illnesses.  I know others feel the same way I do.  This is why I searched and was directed to Sweet Willow Spirit and Melissa and what she offers.  I can never thank her enough (as she knows and I have told her over and over) LOL!!  I have bought a bracelet and necklace from her too.  I also have been collecting crystal tumblers too that are drawn to me.  I am in for the long haul on this.  I DO BELIEVE!

Karen H.


I've had the chance to use one of your oil blends for calming and anxiety.  It has helped a lot.

Tiffany S.

New Richmond, WI

I just love the way it looks in the sun.  You're amazing Melissa!

Trissa J.

Somerset, WI





Bling for your pet that smells amazing!!!!

Sheri F.

River Falls, WI

I LOVE my new diffusing oils bracelet with calming stones :)  It is so pretty too!

Lori S.

Hudson, WI


Sure like my stones you sent me :)  Like your webpage too.

Michael S.

Bakersfield, CA

I ordered a bracelet from here and right away Melissa messaged me and followed my package for me all the way to delivery. The bracelet is absolutely gorgeous. I wanted another bracelet for personal ailments and she made the perfect bracelet for what I needed, and another beauty! She also added in a Pounding Head Inhaler which really showed she cared! I 100% recommend her jewelry and craft, excellent service and over all care!

Joy C.

Upper Darby, PA

Very happy with my new bracelet. Thank you!

Barbara E.

Seattle, WA

I started with a bracelet from here (recommended by a friend) then met up to get one for my mother in law and ended up getting the most amazing chapstick and a handmade calming blend......I LOVE it all and I LOVE Melissa! Thank you for everything!  Omg this morning I felt so sick all I could do was lay there. I remembered the ginger.... I feel just fine now. You are amazing like I absolutely love all the stuff .... I will recommend everyone to u....


Lindsie F.

Roberts, WI

I just want to say 5+ STARS!!!! I ordered a bracelet a couple weeks back and have since had to purchase two more for friends/family......they are simply amazing! BUT.......she also makes her own blends and chapsticks to specifically target certain conditions and the chapstick is outstanding, like seriously....soooooo soft, perfectly blended and super reasonably priced! I will definitely be purchasing more and more items from here!!! Thanks again!

Charlene S.

Roberts, WI

I have been wearing my bracelet for almost a week and (knock on wood!) headaches and no migraines! This month I have had one almost every single day before putting my new, beautiful bracelet on. I haven't even utilized the lava beads yet but am glad to know that they are there for me to put my essential oils on when needed. Thank you so much!

Dawn J.

Ellsworth, WI

Love my oil diffusing bracelet! Thank you! :)

Heather L.

Hudson, WI

Had to share a picture of this beautiful Chakra bracelet that I won. It's absolutely exactly what I have been looking for! Melissa was such a joy to talk to, and I learned so much from her about oils!!  She is extremely talented and kind! :)  If you have any questions, or need any jewelry she's your gal!  Thanks again for picking me. I love it!!! 💕

Sonya A.

Hudson, WI


The beads are beautiful and the jewelry she makes is one of a kind. I can't wait to get more!!

Stacey G.

Hudson, WI


I'm so excited I got my bracelet today! It's beautiful and the lava holds the oils so long; I've been smelling lemon oil all day. By far the coolest bracelet I've ever owned! Thanks again Melissa!

Holly K.

Denver, CO

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